Virtual Advertisement

Adding a virtual layer to the match in order to insert virtual advertisement and/or information about the match..

Camera Reprojection in e-Sport

Camera reprojection method used for analyzing e-sport competitions.

Context Recognition in Sports

Approches for context recognition in Sports.

Automatic Camera Movement in Panoramic Images for Sports

A Simulation of a real camera in panoramic images for sports.

Multi-Sensor fusion with JPDAF

Tracker based on Joint Probabilistic Data Fusion filtering.

Multi-target tracking

Multiple target tracking based on Mahalanobis distance and a combination of costs.

Surveillance with multiple heterogeneous sensors

A system able to detect not authorized people in an environment. A person is authorized if wears the RFID tags. The system is designed according to the prey-predator scheme, where the prey are the people and the predators are the sensor node (a sensor node is made of a group of sensors). For more details see the section Publications.

In particular, in this video, the two people are not authorised (they are not wearing the RFID tags), the system is able to detect this situation and sends the robot to stop them.

Skin Lesion Segmentation

A novel and robust techniques for Skin Lesion Segmentation based on the combination of two approaches:

(i) Skin Detection

(ii) Lesion Segmentation.

For more information, you can visit the following link: Skin Lesion Segmentation.

Crowd Analysis

Studying of new real-time Crowd Analysis techniques for a better understanding of the crowd behaviour and for an improved suspicious activities detection, by the use of a multi-sensor network.

Assisted Living

A system for assisted living where the aim is to monitor old people by using a domotic system made of several sensors: a voice managing system, a fixed camera, a robot equipped with sensors, etc.

Image Segmentation

Novel Algorithms for Image Segmentation (2D/3D), applied to:

– Crowded Images
– Object Extraction
– Medical Imaging